Significant Matters in Litigation

1. Regina Buchanan v. Montana's Saloon, et. al.; Cause No. 2014-70647 in the 334th District Court of Harris County, Texas. Ms. Buchanan was a passenger in a vehicle which collided with a pickup truck in Humble, Texas. The driver was intoxicated after imbibing alcoholic beverages as Montana's Saloon. Ms. Buchanan incurred approximately $400,000. in medical expenses, is blind in one eye, deaf in one ear and has a leg injury that may require amputation.

2. Melanie Cangemi v. Afisco Interest, LLC; Cause No. 16-DCV-22938 in the 434th District Court of Ft. Bend County, Texas. Ms. Cangemi suffered dysphonia as a result of a rear end collision. Her medical expenses and lost wages total a quarter of a million dollars.

3. Monty Garcia v. The Modern Group GP, et. al.; Cause No. D-197,104 in the 136th District Court of Jefferson County, Texas. Mr. Garcia's son was dismembered after coming into contact with an auger contained within the blasting room of a shot blast operation.

4. Melissa Patino-Perez, Individually and as Representative of the Estate of Marcelino Patino, et. al. v. Progressive Insurance Co., et. al.; Cause No. 14-CV-0158 in the 212th District Court of Galveston County, Texas. Ms. Patino-Perez’s father was killed in a head on collision when a resident physician from UTMB fell asleep at the wheel while en route to his home after working his shift.

5. Charles Futrell v. Germania Fire & Cas. Co.,; Cause No. 2016-19567 in the 281st District Court of Harris County, Texas. Mr. Futrell was badly injured and his wife was killed when their vehicle was struck by one of two vehicles racing on the Katy Freeway.