Consumer Law

At the Law Offices of Lennon C. Wright we are committed to helping individuals who find themselves the victims of the deceptive acts of shady businesses, and those individuals who have been harassed or sued as a result of debts.

Protection for Purchasers of Goods and Services

The Texas Deceptive Trade Practices Act (DTPA) is the primary vehicle used in prosecuting the Consumer Protection Laws. The DTPA protects consumers from breach of warranty and misrepresentations made by the sellers of products and services. Situations such as a car salesperson failing to disclose that a vehicle has been involved in a previous auto accident, or a business not honoring its warranty (either a written or an oral warranty) constitute violations of the DTPA. Fortunately, the DTPA allows an aggrieved consumer the ability to sue the business which has violated the DTPA for actual damages plus attorney’s fees, and if it can be shown the defendant acted knowingly, additional damages can be awarded in the jury’s discretion.

Protection for Persons with Debt Problems

In today’s climate of rising interest rates, it is not uncommon for people to find themselves drowning in debt. The Law Offices of Lennon C. Wright provides help for individuals who have either been harassed by debt collectors, or those individuals who have been sued for their inability to make their debt payments.

Texas and U.S. laws provide protection to consumers from debt collectors. If you have been contacted at work or called late at night regarding a debt, or if you have been threatened by debt collectors with possibly going to jail, your rights have been violated. We can help. The law allows for a person who has been wronged by a debt collector the right to seek statutory damages, attorney’s fees, and possibly eliminate the debt which is the subject of the harassment.

For those individuals who have already been sued regarding their late debts, The Law Offices of Lennon C. Wright will defend you against your creditors. By forcing the creditor who brought the lawsuit against you to prove every element of the case, we can often force the creditor to agree to settle the amount of money that you owe. Keep in mind the fact that if you have been sued, you must file a written answer with the court within the time period specified in the court papers; otherwise, the party who filed the suit can take a default judgment against you for every item of damage claimed in the petition.