Pain Pumps

Pain pumps are external devices that distribute pain medication directly to the joint in patients who have undergone shoulder and other joint surgeries. These pumps are manufactured by Stryker Corporation, I-Flow Inc., DJO Inc., and BREG Inc. Recent research suggests that this method of delivering pain medication can cause postarthroscopic glenohumeral chondrolysis (PAGCL), which is severe cartilage damage that can result in permanent disability and sometimes require total joint replacement surgery.

Symptoms of this debilitating condition include joint weakness, stiffness, or pain, decreased mobility, and clicking, popping, or grinding sounds when the joint is moved. Anyone using a pain pump should request an x-ray from their physician in order to determine if they have PAGCL. If you or a loved one has suffered joint damage due to an external pain pump, consult a defective products attorney at The Law Offices of Lennon C. Wright to discuss your case. You may be entitled to compensation for your physical pain, medical bills, and other losses suffered as a result of using a shoulder pain pump.