In recent years, millions of cribs have been recalled by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) and crib manufacturers, such as Simplicity, Delta Enterprise Corp., and Stork Craft, because of design flaws that caused several infant deaths and hundreds more injuries. Many of these cribs feature a drop-side rail that can detach from the crib and creating a gap where an infant can become entrapped and suffocate. At least three infant deaths can be attributed to defectively designed drop-side cribs. Other cribs were packed with missing safety equipment or had defective component parts that broke, posing a risk of entrapment and suffocation to children. For a complete list of recalled cribs, visit the CPSC's web site. If your child was injured or killed because of a defective crib, contact an experienced defective products lawyer at The Law Offices of Lennon C. Wright immediately to discuss your case.